Still History – a collaborative art project
based on Finnish, Russian and Soviet last century history.
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The project contains series of paintings, video installations and music performances.
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The painting series Ikuinen hetki by Dmitri Zudov.
Video installation Ruslandization by Juho Poesiloe Pöysti.
Video installation by Juhana Kristian Moisander.
Music performances & 3D shadow installations by Risto Puurunen.
A silent movie with musical accompaniment by Cleaning Women.
The painting series Still History by artists Dmitri Zudov and Dmitri Grachev.
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Dmitri Zudov (Finland / Russia)
Painter and Master of Fine Arts Dmitri Zudov (b. 1976 in Moscow) graduated from the Moscow State Academical Art Institute named by V.I.Surikov. Dmitri lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Besides being a recognized portrait painter he is especially known for his still lifes in which he creates mesmerizing 2-dimensional "time capsules" using e.g. real historical newspaper cuts. His other main interest is to research how to represent the passion of a religious mind or on the other hand how to capture music into a canvas.
Local Body, 2006 Local Body, 2006 Local Body, 2006 Local Body, 2006

Dmitry Crachev (Russia)
Dmitry Grachev was born in 1984 in Moscow, where he lives and works till now. He finished the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named by V. I. Surikov and Wimbledon College of Arts via University Arts London, Master of Arts program.
Dmitry specifies on an urban landscape and conceptional art. He mostly integrates into observation of the world surrounding us and the depths of hidden inside the spectators mind.

Juhana Moisander (Finland)
Juhana Moisander combines video projections with sounds and objects, always ftting the piece into the given space and its architecture. Although the works often refer to art history and studied knowledge, Moisander's works still link strongly with the mundane and everyday life. Moisander is creating us a strong spatial atmosphere with fragmental stories growing from his personal and common history. Juhana Moisander has presented his video installations in various international solo shows and group shows. Lately his works have been seen at the Wäinö Aaltonen museum in Turku and the Finnish Museum of Photography. Moisander has a Masters in Fine Arts from the Aalto University (2007).

Juho Poesiloe Pöysti (Finland)
Born in Finland in 1974, Juho Poesiloe Pöysti is probably best known for inventing the first 3D camera obscura in the world in the artists' collective Kinobox Obscura. Since 2012, the team has been building different kinds of 3D camera-obscura houses, bikes and a pedal paddle wheel boat. The founding members of Kinobox Obscura, Juho Poesiloe Pöysti and Risto "CW01" Puurunen, have a long history og making art in its different forms: be it music, fine arts or performance art, most notably in Risto "CW01" Puurunen's band Cleaning Women. Poesiloe is the VJ and a visualist in the band. Both are also members of the Russian-Finnish performance/music group The Execution of Music – Poesiloe as a singer and a poet/lyricist and Risto as a musician. Lately, Poesiloe has been working also as a solo artist writing an alternative history for a parallel universe, making 3D-videos and autostereoscopic sculptures.

Risto Puurunen (Finland)
A Finnish artist born in 1972, Puurunen works interdisciplinary in the cultural landscape as an artist and musician. As of 1996, he is the founder of Cleaning Women, a band that has toured all over the world. DIY spirit sound machines and visual environments have been part of his creations also in the visual art field, along with Camera 3D-creations. Wth his Kinobox Obscura group, he has presented performances and installations. His multidisciplinary artwork has taken him to Mexico City, Torino, Bhutan, Pärnu,Riga, Moscow, Miami and New York.