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Concert & Performance
Galleria Rankka, Helsinki, Finland


Concert & Performance
Galleria Rankka, Helsinki, Finland


Concert & Performance
Museum of Corporal Punishment, Moscow, Russia


Concert & Performance
Museum of Corporal Punishment, Moscow, Russia


Talkshow Performance
TV Vechernyaya Moskva, Moscow, Russia

Watch the talkshow on the link above!

More pics from Moscow: by Olga Skhvarun and by

Somebody posted this video to Youtube from the Night of the Musem.

Some photos
The Spot (scroll down the page)

The Execution of Music and Martyroterapia got a fairly good coverage at the Russian media at the Night of the Museums show at the State Tretyakov Gallery.
At least three TV channels covered us - you can watch them on their webpages:
Telekanal Zvezda (a short dubbed interview of Poesiloe)
Komsomolskaya Pravda
TV Zentr (Only a short clip showing Dima)


State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

/ The next exhibition will be held at State Tretyakov Gallery at 10, Krymsky Val, Moscow, 15th - 29th of May 2010.
The Execution of Music will perform live on May 15th.

/ Some photos from Moscow 2009

/ A One TV News (the Russian equivalent of MTV) covered the Martyroterapia exhibition opening in Moscow 170109.
The clip in A One's site
The same clip in Youtube

/ Someone called alex alive uploaded good quality videos from Moscow Proekt Fabrika gig to Vimeo, thanks!
Fighting Fire (With Fire Within) (Song for Apollonia)
Off to Resurrection (Song for Anastasia)


Contemporary art centre Proekt Fabrika, Moscow, Russia

/ An excerpt of The Execution of Music Sound Installation for Moscow added.


Bomb Shelter Arabia, Helsinki, Finland

/ Martyroterapia in Radio Helsinki today. Jukka Relander and Aki Petteri Lehtinen discuss about art and torture in the program Norsuradio 1PM - 3 PM (in finnish).
You can listen to it here (finnish).

/ A whole page article in the leading finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat
"Kiduttaa vai ei, katsojalla on valta valita" (in finnish)

231008 / The pdf presentation of the Martyroterapia project updated.

051008 / Press images.

140908 / Apollonia (variant 1) animated.

130908 / Dorothy animated.

020908 / More videos, pics and other stuff at The EXEofM Facebook Page. Be our fan!

020908 / The Execution of Mucic video excerpt from the KoKo theatre performance 280808

010908 / Catherine animated.

310808 / The Execution of Music in the front of Fausta at KoKo Theatre 28.08.2008


KoKo Theatre, Helsinki, Finland

  070808 / The Execution of Music live debut on 28th of August at KokoTeatteri at "Parhaat Elokuvat" film festival.

240708 / First experiments on music by The Execution of Music.

300608 / Introduction to Dmitri Zudov's Martyroterapia (written by Christine Langinauer)

300608 / Lyrics for Rise and Shine Catherine.

300608 / Lyrics for At the End of a Bow (A Song for Ursula).

260608 / First version of Fausta animated.

260608 / An image of Ursula added. Without the attribute (arrow) and without animation.

260608 / First version of Febronia animated.

260608 / First version of Anastasia animated.

260608 / First version of Barbara animated.

260608 / First version of Agnes animated.

260608 / A list of Martyroterapia saints.

260608 / Martyroterapia website launch.