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(a song for Barbara)

You always looked
so chastely down
You were so humble,
kept your eyes on the ground

You never had
thoughts of your own
All you could see was
what was allowed

Till you were locked all inside
into a tower
where you were bound
In rusty chains
for days and days

And you looked
so chastely down
From the window
high above the ground
You lift your eyes up to the skies
the very first time in your life

You let yourself
fly far and wide
You let yourself
Free of mind
You saw yourself
The very first time
And you were free
From the chains of your life

And you could see it so clearly now What you were not allowed to see
You had the right
to be Yourself
And think yourself
to be free

(Lyrics by Poesiloe
of EXEofM,
Added 181108)



  Dmitri Zudov: St. Barbara

Dmitri Zudov, "St. Barbara", oil on canvas, 200 x 110 cm, 2008