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An excerpt of The Execution of Music Sound Installation for Moscow (added 120109).

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The Execution of Music in the Front of Fausta et the KoKo Theatre 280808The Execution of Music. From left to right, Sami Eteläpää (metal plates, power drill),
Juho "Poesiloe" Pöysti (vocals, power drill), Risto Puurunen (self-made bass, cello, bouzouki and power drill)


  The Execution of Music – Songs, Poems and the Sound Installation "Martyroterapia"

For every painting there’s a song, for every painting there’s a poem – sung, read or yelled by the vocalist Juho “Poesiloe” Pöysti.
These songs are performed by three whitefaced men with self-made cello- and bouzouki-like instruments and huge metal plates. One of these metal plates sits on a small platform and is used as a bass drum by stomping, walking and dancing on it.

The other two are hung from the ceiling – all kinds of bits and pieces and torture paraphernalia are attached to them – played by the percussionist Sami Eteläpää. The stringed instruments are crafted and played by Risto Puurunen, also the genius behind the instruments in his (maybe) more famous band the Cleaning Women.

The Execution of Music has also made the sound installation for “Martyroterapia” that plays in the background of the exhibition.
The audio track lasts seven hours in total, so you'll never hear the same things twice in one exhibition day. The sound installation helps the exhibition visitor to step from the everyday hubbub to a different dimension of Dmitri Zudov’s paintings. The innocence of the martyrs is broken by the harsh soundscape produced with torture tools, and the occasional tranquil moments, when the atmosphere changes to soothing ambience.

The swords are beaten into plowshares – or at least they have a brand new purpose – when the Execution of Music beats the swords into beats (and the spears into hooks)...