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Martyroterapia exhibition in Proekt_Fabrika, Moscow, 2009

Martyroterapia & The Execution of Music Helsinki 2019

The Execution of Music will be performing on the 20th of December and on the New Year's Eve at
Galleria Rankka Helsinki.
Exhibition opening the 20th of December. More information coming soon!

Martyroterapia – a collaborative art project
by the artist Dmitri Zudov and The Execution of Music
is based on the legends of early Christian martyrs.

Martyroterapia consists of sixteen Dmitri Zudov's paintings and
sixteen songs and poems and a sound installation by
The Execution of Music.

The paintings depict female virgins who were tortured and executed
because of their faith. The oil diptychs display the naked bodies of the
immaculate saints bigger than life-size. The viewer can turn a part of the
diptych to expose a torture tool on the back side of the canvas and
in doing so to “break” the painting. By turning the diptych back to its
original form he or she can then “heal” the broken body of the martyr.
Hence the name “Martyroterapia”.

The band The Execution of Music uses those very same torture tools
depicted on Dmitri Zudov's paintings as musical instruments.

Dmitri Zudov, "St. Barbara", oil on canvas, 200 x 110 cm, 2008

The viewer can turn a part of the diptych, and in doing so, to "torture" or "heal" the martyr.

The first Martyroterapia exhibition with all sixteen paintings was held in the contemporary art centre Proekt_Fabrika in Moscow in Jan - Feb 2009.

Some of the works were exhibited at the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow in May 2010.
The Execution of Music also performed there before an enthusiastic crowd and media
at the International Night of Museums.

The Execution of Music gave two concerts in the Moscow Torture Museum in
December 2013. Those concerts were also filmed by Valeriy Pereverzev.